AirBie Delegate – Tezos Delegation Service

Please be aware of the following important announcement regarding our Tezos Delegation Service:

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AirBie runs a Tezos delegation service in its Swiss data center. It is the best way to avoid running your own node. No need to worry about command line instructions, lengthy complicated and incomplete tutorials, we take care of everything in the most secure way.

Simply delegate your Tezzies to our baker: tz1iLbZZ9uoRuVJCrZ9ZwiJMpfzhy3c67mav (fee: 5%)

With the AirBie Tezos delegation service, you will earn interest on your Tezzies without any effort. We handle all the new challenges of the proof-of-stake consensus, and we will handle all the protocol updates. We do the baking, and you eat the cakes!

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