Christian Raemy is the CEO and founder of AirBie. He has a background in Mathematics and worked in his previous life as a Quant in the financial industry. He has now become an expert in various new technologies such as LoRaWAN, Bluetooth 4.2, React-Native and NodeJS. He has strong programming skills for backend software, mobile app, and embedded system programming for IoT devices. He has participated in multiple hackathons and he enjoys tackling problems that seem unsolvable.


Philipp Zollinger is advisor to AirBie. He has a background in Business Administration and Finance.  Besides being a blockchain & tech enthusiast, he has been working in the finance and fintech industry in the fields of Sales & Marketing for more than 15 years.


AirBie relies on external advisers – independent experts, free spirits and Swiss SMEs – in various topics such as PCB Design, Mechanics, and Electronics.