The city of Zug has issued about 300 electronic IDs so far. Anyone who has such a blockchain-based E-ID has been able to borrow e-bikes since last November. The basis for this is a platform launched by the city of Zug in collaboration with the Zurich start-up AirBie. “Crypto-Bike-Sharing” is the name of the pilot project. According to Martin Gabriel, Project Manager IT of the City of Zug, the aim is to offer a service for the E-ID. At the same time, experience with the technology of the blockchain is to be gained. According to Christian Raemy, CEO of AirBie, the almost 90 users have made about 1,500 trips so far. “The area around the train station, the old town, the Bossard Arena and in the north of the city are the hot spots,” Raemy says. He is pleased that the eight bikes are currently used every day, even in the middle of the night, he reports. Most trips take less than ten minutes. Unfortunately, he also had bad experiences: A few bicycle lights and a saddle were stolen. Registration for the platform is done via the AirBie app. Users receive a credit for 20 hours of free travel. The project will run until the end of summer. “What happens next is currently still open,” says Gabriel.